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Weight per unit: 5 kg
Tuning KFX for KFX 700 kfx700
Plug and play ready (for stock connector, comes preprogrammed)
Fits stock place (needs our HOLDER) excellent cooling
Smaller, lighter, ultra strong
Easyly programmable with PC (english software)
Change timingcurve while running by switch, rpm or speed (for speed a easy bycyle sensor or ar a hall sensor needed)
All settings can changed by running engine (excellent for tuning, dyno)
Works with the brute rotor setup (brute crank sensor with lighter flighwheel)
If you run a degree key, you can enter your degree (maybe 6*), so you can setup and monitor in real degree.
No terperature problems
2 extra connector for a lot of free definable inputs and outputs
Test modus for voltage, charging, starterspeed, pickup, igniton, tacho, zündung pro zylinder testzündung drehzahlmessertest etc
Zero trouble at all, works fine with stock coils